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In my Element: Interview with Laura Jones

In my Element: Interview with Laura Jones

The thought of living with your three best friends in a creative share house, inspiring one another and encouraging artistic expression day in and day out is surely a DREAM?

Not for Sydney based artists Laura Jones, Alex Standen and Mirra. These three girls met in Hill End NSW, a town famous for its art community and long traditions of renowned visiting artists.

This September, Element Eden will delve into the creative lives of Laura, Alex and Mirra and take you on a journey through their creative world, inspiration, craft, current projects and favourite things to do amongst the busy inner city of Sydney.

Our first feature artist of the month - Laura Jones!

Laura’s still life paintings depict wild and colour floral arrangements bought to life with intense layers of oil paint and bold, confident brushstrokes.

Tell us a little about how you found your niche in the creative world?

I have always loved making things and even though initially I didn't think being an artist was possible, I made time for it and eventually studied art at COFA. I got a job in a flower shop to help me get through uni and then naturally started painting flowers. It has evolved from there.

Living with three talented artists, your share home must be such a place of inspiration. What is it like living together?

It's a beautiful place, that we have made together in a pretty short amount of time really. It's eclectic and full of art. I love that everything we eat or drink out of is hand-made by Alex, and that Mirra's knack for finding beautiful objects makes our house feel like a home. We talk about art and our work all the time so it's a really supportive and inspiring environment to be in.

Do you all help to inspire your own individual craft?

We definitely encourage each other and give each other feedback, but we're individuals with quite different practices.

Are you working on any side projects at the moment?

I'm working on an exhibition for Chalkhorse Gallery that opens on the 15th October. I also have been working on paintings for Sydney Contemporary Art Fair for Olsen Irwin Gallery for the 10-13 September So it's an exciting couple of months.

Do you have any secret sports you love going to in Sydney?

I love the inner west because we have space and it's a bit less hectic than being right in the city. The cafes and bars are great and I love looking at all the old houses and gardens. There are great Portuguese tarts and chicken burgers in Petersham.

What is your favourite colour to work with?

Pink, although I'm going through a bit of a yellow phase at the moment. I love colour and can't get enough!

What makes you excited for the weekend?


What do you love to do on your weekend?

Just the usual, going out to dinner and drinks, long sunny brunches, maybe a gallery visit or lazy day in the park. It's good to have time off from the studio so I can bring new energy back to my painting for the week.

Thanks Laura! Best of luck for the Sydney Contemporay Art Fair this weekend!

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Thanks to Rachel Kara for the photos :)