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Here at Element Eden we encourage the desire to inspire and make a difference. Discovering creative hearts living through their dreams of doing what they love is something we admire and believe to be an essential key to true happiness! is there really any other way to live? Which brings us to the beautiful and very loveable Apneet Kaur.

Apneet Kaur is a music student and journalist. She was born in India, raised in California and now lives in beautiful New York City. This creative and talented heart is bringing a fresh new voice to the blogosphere. Her expressive honesty and innovation towards fashion has swept us off our feet, and we’re falling in love with the dark-haired beauty. She is taking the blogging world by storm, ‘Who is Apneet’ is the makings of her personal style diary, tea blog and photo journal. Apneet has found a way to find her own voice and make her own rules, and we’re loving every bit of it.

Getting to know Apneet a little more…

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? We understand that you were born in India, raised in California, and now live in NYC. How has your back-ground and life events influenced your work and creativity?

My mom and dad immigrated to California from India when I was very young to give my brother and I the brightest future possible. Knowing the struggles my parents went through to relocate definitely humbles me. I never spent much time or had any interest in India when I was younger because I just wanted to fit in here. It wasn’t until I was older that I wanted to reconnect with my heritage. Growing up in California was a dream. I’d wish that childhood on any kid! I was always 2 hours or less away from any adventure possible. We could drive and end up at a beach, in snow, surf, or desert, out on a farm, or to a whole new city. There’s nothing not to love about Cali. Moving to New York was a big change, but I adjusted pretty quickly and went on pounding the pavement to see what I could do. From here, I don't have a 5 year plan or anything. Right now I'm taking opportunities as they come, especially if they're right for me. Even if they're not right for me, I might try them out. I'm paralyzed with fear the unknown, so I'd rather try something and fail than not to try at all. I’m living in the moment.

2. Tell us about being a music student—what are you studying and what do you hope to do with your music background?

Music has always been a big part of my life. It's my passion. I started playing the flute when I was 11, the bass at 13, and even learned the bassoon for a short stint in an orchestra at 15. I was also singing in large choral groups, and singing opera and jazz. When I went to college , there weren't many choices for young singers. The “in” is basically to study classical voice. I thought I might pursue opera, but it wasn't fitting into my lifestyle. Now I'm finishing my studies in flute, as an instrumentalist. In the future I hope to be part of a performing ensemble, hopefully traveling to play different venues. It depends on the way life goes. Later on I would love to “settle down” and teach music to students in a school, or maybe privately. I had the good fortune of being blessed with amazing music educators throughout my entire training. It’s getting harder for kids to get the creative education they need these days in school. I would love to do my part and give back, hopefully inspiring some little flute players along the way to pursue their dreams.

3. When do you feel ‘ In Your Element’?

I feel most myself when I’m doing something I’m passionate about. Good or bad, it will take me 5 years to read one sentence of a book I don’t like, and 5 minutes to read 10 pages of a book I love. With this in mind, I only focus my energies on doing things I love and that are close to my heart! It’s just the way that I have been since I was young, trying everything out to see what was the most fun. I like to think that these days I’ve narrowed my interests, but the truth is that there are so many things out there that I want to accomplish. All along the way I look at these different escapades as experience.

4. Can you tell us about your simple life pleasures and how you spend your ‘me time’?

I really enjoy spending time in my yard and my neighborhood in Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I exchange records and we love to talk about literature. He’s quite well read and has introduced me to many artists and books that have become some of my favorites. I love to go see live music and like to catch a show here and there when I can. I like discovering new places to eat and drink in NYC, and like to explore different neighborhoods too. My pug is kind of my BFF so sometimes I take him with me to bars or to brunch. He’s great city dog, he likes riding the trains but he loves taking cabs, haha!

5. If you could leave at the drop of a hat to travel anywhere, it would be.....

At the moment I’m dreaming of traveling to Morocco. I love tea, and it’s a huge part of the culture there. I’m also interested to learn about the lifestyle and culinary specialties!

6. Where do you regularly turn to for creative inspiration? Style Inspiration?

Living in NYC, there’s endless inspiration to be taken in all around. I think my friends are some of the most talented young people right now, and are the creative voices of tomorrow. I am inspired by the people I surround myself with, and by observing my surroundings. That being said, I think it’s important to get away from all the hustle and bustle too. Traveling really inspires me to think about things differently. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, finding little hole in the wall shops and taking trains and planes to discover new things. As for style, I’m a huge vintage buff. I really love 60’s and 70’s fashion. I grew up a tomboy, and to a degree I still have that air about my style, but I think it changes constantly.

7. Tell us us about your blog and your passion for fashion journalism? Outside of the blog, what other passions are you pursuing?

I started my blog when I started getting published as a fashion journalist as a home for my work. I started peppering in outfit posts and people seemed to respond, so I kept at it. The rest is history, but first and foremost I loved being out in the field reporting. I was a sample sale reporter for Racked NY, and also wrote some NYFW reviews as well. As my blog started to grow I focused more on my personal style and voice, so I still take projects and contracts from magazines, but I stick to creating more content for my own blog now. I also had a stint as a staff writer, web editor, and features editor at my college paper over several semesters. It was so much fun to be in the newsroom. It’s an exciting place to be when ideas are flying all around and everyone is clamoring to pitch their stories. We have a great publication at my school, and some award winning student journalists have been on our editorial staff! Outside of the blog, I’m finishing my degree in music. I also have a huge passion for photography. Photographing is part of reporting, in my opinion, to give a visual recount of what the story was. I’ve been taking photos ever since I can remember. When I was very young my dad always carried around his Nikon film camera and he sort of passed along that need to me to document my world.

8. What are you looking forward to and whats your next big project?

I’m looking forward to experimenting more with photography, I have a penchant for shooting film. I’m working on putting together some zines featuring my photos and writing, with tales of travels and also some stories right here from NYC.

9. What type of environment do you need to create your work and get in the right mind frame? Is it by surrounding yourself with plants? People? Natural light & big windows?

Typically when I’m writing I like to work pen­to­paper with a pot of tea, and maybe some music playing without any lyrics. On the other hand, I do enjoy working at coffee shops too, for a change of pace. All that really matters is getting in the right frame of mind to get in a creative space ­ and the way to get there generally changes from time to time! Sometimes I like to walk to Central Park between classes, and other times it’s taking a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge to clear my head.

10. What is your ideal way to spend time over a 24 hour period ?

Ideally I’d like to spend it with friends somewhere warm with lots of good food and pretty scenery. I would road trip to a seaside destination, enjoy some time on the beach, take photos, and just relax with a good meal. Of course, I’d bring along my pug, journal, and a handful of fantastic outfits!

11. What music defines your lifestyle?

Rock and roll definitely inspires a lot of my style. I collect vintage band t­shirts and wear sunglasses pretty much year round, haha. Jazz also inspires my looks sometimes. I love hats, and Thelonius Monk always wore a different one on stage. Plus I love all the ornate gowns and hairstyles of female jazz crooners, so elegant.