In My Element Interview with Alex from Lord Newry

In My Element Interview with Alex from Lord Newry

Alex from Lord Newry is our November muse for the new `Summer has bloomed' collection.

There is something so pleasant about living your day-today life hunting for natures wonder, working with fresh flowers and being exposed to natural colours and perfumes that ignite creativity. Alex from Lord Newry loved the simple and down to earth life of a Florist and used her horticulture skills to bring happiness to others through vivid flower installations.

Alex joined us on our Element Eden summer photo shoot at Dusk Temple where she created beautiful flower installations that adored the walls, doors and even the hair of Yasmin Hass-Sinclair.

Where are you now, can you tell us a little about your surroundings?

Right now I’m in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, New York, looking out my attic window at a Fall afternoon. The leaves are the wildest yellows and reds I’ve ever seen.

What is so special about making a flower creation that is unique every time?

A floral sculpture is unique every time, as every piece you touch can never be exactly the same. Only made permanent by image, a sculpture disappears with death.

How long have you being involved in floristry and how did you first become interested in this type of creativity?

Going on five years now I think, maybe more… Plants found me!

Your work brings so much joy to people though colour, scent and nature. Why do you love what you do?

My love for what I do has nothing to do with the joy it provides people, I think most times, onlookers are numb to the connection a floral artist has with their work. People are more familiar with Flower Bouquetts and Florist Shops. I love what I do because I am forever learning about the evolution of the Plantae Kingdom, I am connecting with an art medium that is living, evolving and perishing. It gives me great pleasure to experience the texture and hue and shape and movement of any flower.

Tell us where do you find all the delightful flowers to create such magical work?

Flower Markets and Foraged Goods.

Where has your work taken you around the world?

Most of the East Coast of Australia and The US of A.

For girls wanting to get into floristry or horticulture what would you recommend they do to start a career?

Floristry can be studied at TAFE or Flower Schools, but I don’t recommend that. I recommend genuinely being interested and knowing what is actually in store and interning and learning from someone whose style you actually like.

When you are not working and creating, what do you like to do? Do you have any other hobbies and interests?

I enjoy driving and adventures, yoga, taking photographs of Plants or old men. But mostly my passion and interest is with plants. Nothing has ever been more fascinating to me.

Thank you Alex, enjoy New York!

Find more on Lord Newry Green Enthusiast here: @lordnewry_