Home Is Where the Heart Is by Guest Blogger Erica of City Meets the Shore

Even though Jersey's had a bad reputation since Jersey Shore was aired three years ago, don't let the show fool you.  Most of the locals are surfers and we tend to live the summer lifestyle year around, even now that the temperatures dropping.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, yes, "The Shore" becomes a tourist attraction.  People from all over come here to sit on Belmar's crowded beaches, play wack-a-mole on Seaside Boardwalk and experience the greatest breakfast sandwich in the world - porkroll egg and cheese.  Once the summer's over though, the tourists go home and us locals go back to our regular routines.

Above are just some pictures I've taken over the past month or so with Instagram of various places and inspiration I get from New Jersey.  There's something extremely calming and relaxing about New Jersey in the Fall, the beach is so peaceful and I frequently take my pup down and walk him for miles, just enjoying where I live.  If you've never experienced New Jersey in the summer, it's really unlike any other place.  And if you ask any of the locals, to us, there really is no better place to live.