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Have the courage to overcome what is uncomfortable….

Choosing the path as a freelance artist, I’m constantly juggling multiple projects and having to be really flexible in my schedule. Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m a little behind on finishing this painting that I want to auction in benefit of my friend Durek’s kidney transplant. I anticipated completing a painting within a week but have had some unexpected projects creep up. Instead of rushing to a finish, I’ve had to take a small break but I’m back to dedicating a couple more evenings to this piece until it’s complete.

As promised, I said I would share the process. So here’s a couple of abstract snapshots.

I’m pretty shy at sharing my work until the finish and I rarely invite people inside my studio if I have too many things flying around in a disorderly storm so here’s to being a little more candid and working on things that make me uncomfortable.

These three containers travel with me everywhere around the world and I use these colors in every painting.

my messy studio floor

If you didn’t read it before click here to read about the inspiration behind this painting, thank you I love you!