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Happy Hallow – ‘Zine: Mike Kershnar

This was the most bumpin’ week of my life as an artist.  First I left San Francisco to Southern California to the the Element Treehouse, where the family let me post up oldschool cut and paste style at the color copier for printing my new flip travel ‘zine “My Coffee is Carpet/Buffalo Breath”.  Half of the zine is about the EA Rez Tour to Montana and the other half is about a trip to Europe where I had a show in Paris and got to street skate for days with Levi, Nick, Julian, Madars, and Evan.

I had three comissioned murals to spray paint that week so my lil’ homie High5 took me to a bombed out building for some practice (photo below).  The first mural was for Pearl’s Burger in the extremely active drug zone of  6th and Market.  I did the mural for $100 worth of spray paint and 10 buffalo burgers, (which is helpful for a starving artist).  I was glad I had Big Homie Lesko and Other to watch my back as crackheads and hustlers galore heckled, and complimented me. The next spot was hooked up by my homie Zack Gonzalez from LowCard, it was a few doors down at the Legendary Club 666 where they were putting on a shredtastic Halloween party.  Halfpipes in the club always make for a great event. (Show the image.) Then it was time to install the art for the ‘zine launch and paint the wall for Density on 17th and Valencia in the Mission.  A Halloween Owl with a stitched up but blackened heart, hunting a rat seemed like the appropriate thing to paint, so I did.   The opening was cracking with tons of free booze, and free zines.  We got rad skating on Valencia and smudging the block with sagebrush and cedar while burning creepy candles in front of the mural.  Thanks to the Kira from the Dark Crystal for making a candy sushi platter for all, and the kids who rolled through on Mary Poppins’ Broom that made it a party!  Hope you like the ‘Zine.