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Happier Hiking - Tips from Dirtbag Darling

In my opinion, the best hikes are the ones that give you blisters, a sweaty back and an empty water bottle. They push you to your limits and make you want to turn around and head back to the car. But you don’t, because there is a big, beautiful view waiting for you at the summit. If you’re tired, remind yourself that your body won’t give up unless your mind does, so make sure it doesn’t. And remember: If it were easy, everyone would do it. And you’re definitely not just anyone.


Three Tips for Happier Hiking

 1.     Push your limits (but not too far)

Choose trails just a little outside of your comfort zone so you can break a sweat and feel an adrenaline rush. Just never go so far as to put yourself in danger. Think 2,000 feet of elevation gain, not cougar infested forest.

 2.     Invest in sweet gear

Buy the good pair of boots. Get the color of backpack you really want. Pick up the high-tech water bottle. If you’re stoked on your equipment, you’ll want to use it more. Plus, this stuff is made to last, so read the price tag as a one-time price.

 3.     Bring a friend

Just like going to the movies or eating a giant sundae, hiking is something you can do alone, but it’s better when you don’t. It’s nice not to have to use the self-timer button on your camera, too.  


Happy Hiking,



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