Guest Blogger Contest Inspiration!

A little inspiration from a few of our favorite bloggers to help get your creative juices flowing when entering our GUEST BLOGGER SWEEPS WITH SWELL!

This post comes from the our the lovely Rebekah of blog Goldfish Kiss, sharing the fashion blogger she finds to be inspiring in her life!

Rebekah of Goldfish Kiss writes:

"A Blog, although it's a simple yet weird word, can be an inspiration, source of motivation, something to relate to, and an easy way to brighten someone's day & make people smile.

You know you found a good blog when you literally have to pry yourself away from it after perusing about 75 or so posts, and then look forward to whatever is posted next. Such is the case with ilovewildfox.com - Kimberly Gordon, wherever you are, thanks for being such and inspiration to me as a blogger, creative gal, and artist. (Your watercolor books inspired me to get back into drawing and painting...finally.) I am blown away by your talent, eye, and style. You rock, and I am sure there are a bunch of other people who feel the same. "

Thanks for sharing Rebekah!!

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