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Guest Blogger Brooke Reidt!!

As many know, Element Eden was born with the mission to inspire girls along their own path, confident in their personal style and passionate to seek a different perspective from the old standard.  To fulfill this mission, we created the Advocate program over a decade ago, with the Artist Brooke Reidt as the first woman's Advocate.

Through these years, the Advocate program now 16 women strong, Brooke has not only developed her personal career as a fine artist, selling art across the globe, but grown and adapted her relations with the Element family as well.  Each season Brooke works closely with our team of designers, sharing inspirations, visions and ideas to create this beautiful melding of art and fashion, with a personality and story behind each piece.

While we're always keeping you in the loop on Brooke's latest work, we're excited to announce that she, herself, will actually be Guest Blogging this week... sharing her personal account on projects, inspirations, ideas and everything in between!!

As a little teaser, we did a quick Q&A with Brooke to start things off:

Us: What projects do you have going on for summer is there one you're most excited about and why?

BR: There's so many projects and more are bound to pop up, people always ask but you know I'm superstitious talking about things before they're complete. I'm most excited for summer, I love summer!  Summer love! The Element Summer collection? I'm wearing the Cabo skirt and the Avalon tank right now, falling in love, pretending it's summer!

Us: Bring on the sunshine baby!

Us: Where do you most enjoy traveling to seek inspiration and why?

BR: Anywhere! Traveling is about exploration and introducing your eyes to new things. I'm a visual person I want to see all the beautiful parts of the world, things people make, plants that don't exist where I live, creatures under the sea. The last couple of years I've traveled to Bali.
Bali is like a divine gift in the form of an island for artists. It's everywhere my eyes look. It reawakens all the ideas that are living inside me and gives birth to new one's that didn't exist before. It rattles me up and shows me the true definition of art.
It's so humbling watching women spend all day handcrafting offerings in gratitude of their gods, such a selfless activity that they probably don't even identify as art. I want to live and create like that.

I really want to travel to sacred places. Have you heard about the floating islands of Uros at Lake Titicaca? I need to go there!

Us: What?!  Floating islands??  Count us in... When do we leave? haha

Us: You have amazing personal style!! Where do you seek inspiration for the looks you put together?

BR: It surprises me that you say this because I feel like I wear the same 4 things piled on bedroom floor. Maybe it's because I switch them around to make them look different?

Us: Ya girl!!  We love that type of creativity!!

Us: Have you always been interested in fashion as well as art?

BR: Sometimes I think they go hand in hand. I've always loved both it's like pizza I can't remember ever not liking it.

Us: We couldn't agree more... hence why we love working with you