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Grow A Life in Bloom

Grow A Life in Bloom

September welcomes spring with a smile :)

We introduce our third and final collection of the Element Eden spring season - Grow a Life in Bloom.

Our Element Eden Design team ventured to Gaudi, Barcelona to gain inspiration for this season's collection.

Continuing the journey from the woods, enticed by the warm rays of sunshine, the Eden designers explored the hidden treasures of coastal villages rich with artisan crafts and local history.

...Journal entry taken from Element Eden Design Manager - Amber Lee-Bernstein during her Barcelona visit:

Thursday 10th July 2014, Guadi Barcelona -

`Days spent wandering the historic streets and the tiled parks of Gaudi, Barcelona radiates with a vibrant culture of artisans, music, food and an effortless lifestyle so easy to fall in love with.

As the sun sets over the ocean we passed by a market place filled with an enchanting display of floral blooms and the fresh scent of fruit piled high.

The delicate shapes and colours nature can inspire is truly breathtaking. It is so easy to see how life in this city by the sea is full of wonderment and adventure.'

Our favourites from the Grow A Life in Bloom collection is the adorable Element Eden Serena crop and matching Amor shorts. The falling leaves fabric print captures the brush stroke impression of foliage that we love.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do!