Gone Fishing

A few weeks ago, before the snow started falling, I decided it was a perfect time to visit my grandparents and go fishing! Nothing reminds me more of my childhood then camping with my family and fishing with my grandpa!

My grandparents used to live in Las Vegas close to the rest of the family but decided to get out of the hot desert and move to place that is beautiful, serene and full of nature. At first I couldn't understand why they wanted to move so far away until I decided to pay a visit. The evening skies are filled with stars, there is a light fog in the air in the mornings that hovers just under the gorgeous yellow aspen trees and the fishing creek is just right down the road... and is full of Rainbow Trout! Our favorite!

My grandparent’s house is full of antiques and stories, it’s a place where my grandma can quilt and sew to her hearts delight and where my grandpa can drive his 1962 baby blue Chevy down to the lake in the mornings and fish for dinner. When my grandpa isn't fishing he's working on one of the old trucks he collects, eating popcorn or riding his bike. Oh and did I mention that he just turned 80? I hope he shared some of his genes with the rest of us!

Spending this time with my grandparents was priceless and made me truly understand the importance of getting back to your roots!