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Find yourself some ol nuggets by Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

The older I get the more I notice my craving and love to hang around the older and wiser generation. I could sit and listen to them talk about all their life lessons, what used to be and what's to come in the world, and how much things have changed since they were young. I was so stoked when I came upon these gems when I arrived home.

My first week working in my moms cafe the cutest older couple came in for breakfast. I knew this guy was a keeper when he literally gave me his coat off his own back because I told him his coat was rad and my favorite color. He insisted that I took it. What?!
The following week, Kenny and his precious wife came in to work in the cafe, and insist that they take no paycheck. I could watch those two all day long, still flirting as if they were newly weds, a love so many dream of… I couldn't get enough of these two! As soon as Kenny started telling me about his fishing adventures, I knew we would get along just fine and dandy.

Another reason why I love older people, you know they will stick to their word if their life depends on it… So we set a fishing date and made it happen. We could not have asked for a better fall afternoon out on the lake.  Puttin' along the banks, not a soul in site, only the fresh crisp fall breeze, and Kenny and his lovely wife Janette… or "red" as he calls her due to her "glowing red hair" which reeled Kenny into her at the age of 15.

As we cast out, good conversation filled the air, with stories about how they met, and their movie script child hood. I started to pick up that they were golden nuggets from the beginning. From goin' rabbit hunting' and feeding them to the poor, to caring for juvenile delinquents once released. I could sit and soak up those stories like a dry sponge.

I'm so happy to come to the age where I can appreciate and respect elders such as this God sent couple. I urge you to think about the elders in your life, sit down, take a breath from the hustle and bustle that we think is so important, and over a hot cup of coffee, some bridge perhaps, pick their brains… Soak it all up. The chances you find nuggets like Kenny and Janette.... Well good luck with that because they are one of a kind, but you can sure try:)