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In honor of Summer, The MAKE IT COUNT finals, and Skate Camp, we decided to put together a little Instagram giveaway, the #elementcampaway. We put a few Camden Backpacks, and some hand carved "Tree Bisquits" on the line and had the masses submit their best camping photos from the summer. The entries rolled in by the dozens, but there could only be 5 winners. Scroll down to see the winners>>> 

One of the "Tree Biscuits" hand carved by long time Element Family member, mountain man, and chainsaw-artist Lance Martinez

The Prize: Element Camden Backpack in Camo, and a "Tree Biscuit"

MIchael Allen (@cantseethedr) tunnel tree carving

Parker Reusch (@therealreusch) caught a big one!

Nathan Magrody (@magrody) has some serious patience to stalk up on a doe like this!

Ricky Jett Jr. (@rickrossdaboss52) determination says it all.

shelter location is key, and Dylan Wynne (@dweezy904) knows where to pitch the tent