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Element Womens transforms brand direction - Here's why!

Element Womens transforms brand direction - Here's why!

SurfStitch caught up with Element Womens to discuss the new brand direction. Here is what went down.

SurfStitch The Lens:

Born from skate culture, the arts and nature, Element has a deep and rich history we can all appreciate. The brainchild of Johnny Schillereff, a brand once focused specifically on skate, has since then shifted to the world of women’s fashion, with its designs and silhouettes recognised globally by those individuals living and breathing these very same cultures.

Fast forward to 2017, Element Women’s key messages now focus on the core values of the brand which reconnect solely with urban street, skate cultures and lifestyles that made Element an iconic symbol in the marketplace from the very beginning.

To learn more about how Element Women’s is going back to its roots globally through styles, marketing campaigns, advocates and more, we caught up with Brieane Keay, Australian Marketing Manager.

Brieane! Thanks for catching up!

Thanks for having me! It’s always a pleasure working with SurfStitch.

What’s your role at Element and how did you arrive there?

My role is Element Marketing Manager and I look after the mens and womens marketing in Australia with support to New Zealand.

How did I get here…Long story, short. My journey with Element started when I was working with the Element brand in England managing the retail marketing for 27 Two Seasons multi brand stores across the UK. In this mix, were a number of Element flagship stores (London & Nottingham), so I learnt to love the brand for its rich history and uniqueness of what it is today. I admired every aspect of wanting to work for the best skateboard brand in the world. And it wasn’t just the skateboarding that lured me in, it was the people, the art, the conscious by nature aspect, the crazy athletes and the globalisation of a 25 year old brand.

Whilst back in the land of Oz, Element Australia approached me with a role no sane human would ever turn down; which brings to here. Living the dream!

Ok down to business. Tell us all about the recent change of direction for Element women’s?

For sure! The Element womens brand has now moved back to its roots, where it was born from skate culture, the arts and nature. I’m pretty excited about this new direction, its super refreshing and very relevant.

Our girl has her own style, genuine and creative with an independent streak and love for adventure. Element Womens still oozes freedom of expression and supports girls with a passion for creativity; and this compliments our urban street and skate lifestyle.

What do you love most about to change?

I love that the Element womens design teams are now borrowing from the boys and taking design elements from the mens product whether its fabric, graphics or styling. This attribute alone opens the Element Womens brand up to so many more avenues and opportunities which is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see how the aesthetic will progress over the years to come.

How has it affected the styles and cuts of the clothing?

Element Womens is focusing more on trend driven styles, unique silhouettes and outfitting that leads its self to a borrowed from the boys look with a feminine feel. We are still keeping our favourite styles, however we are delving more deep into the urban street and skate culture lifestyle.

Is the change a worldwide concept?

Sure is! Element Womens is a global brand and we are happy to unify with the other regions like Europe and the US to inspire our girl and offer her the best. There is so much to love about this brand and having a talented global team behind it creates so much substance.

It obviously looks incredible and is a big movement for Element. Tell us about the new collection in market?

We just released our new `Paradise City’ spring collection, concrete jungle inspired. This collection was shot in the streets of Long Beach, in California with Element Advocate Brian Gaberman. Our models we two crazy cats from LA Jess and Jade who skate. They were both so fun to work with! The photos say it all.

Check out our spring 17 lookbook here:

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