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​Element runs huge in the latest of Slam issue 206.

​Element runs huge in the latest of Slam issue 206.

Element runs huge in the latest of Slam issue 206.

To kick it off we we banked the front cover of Brandon Westgate charging this gargantuan road gap in Brisbane that has been attempted by a handful of great skateboarders over the years. All have been unsuccessful. Brandon Westgate stepped up to the challenge for a full-speed ollie over the kerb-to-kerb section – he even hung up a few times to give you an idea of just how massive this stretch of road really is. With skin shredded off his palms and elbows, he didn’t give up, and launched a huge ollie to clear this fabled span of bitumen // Photographer: Jake Darwen

We dropped a 16 page article on our recent Rumble Down Under Tour where you'll get to see and read all the hammers and events that went down while the Element team dominated the East Coast of Australia // Written and shot by our Element Advocate Jake Darwen.

We also ran a Welcome to the Family Brandon Westgate ad where he throws big back smith.

If this has got you keen to have a read we don't know what will. Go grab yourself a copy at exclusive retailers and most newsagents and get up to speed on what happened with Element in the last month.