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Element NZ do Japan Part 1

Christian Low, Chase Collins, Jack Fagan, Harry Culy, Scott Lai, Daniel Gemmell and Hootie Andrewes along with Jake Mein, Leigh Bolton and Willy Low have been let loose in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here’s the first update from their travels – check out the imagery below.

Harry Culy, frontside smith. Photo: Jake Mein

Hootie Andrewes, switch frontside boardslide. Photo: Jake Mein

Dan Gemmell charging with Willy Low in tow. Photo: Jake Mein

Jack Fagan hyped! Photo: Jake Mein

Dan G and C-Low reunited. Photo: Scott Lai

Hootie Andrewes, Harry Culy and Jake Mein. Photo: Scott Lai

Photo: Scott Lai

Japanese Secky, feat. Harry Culy, Jake Mein and Leigh Bolton. Photo: Scott Lai

Chase Collins. Photo: Scott Lai