Element Make It Count - Vote for Noah Nayef

Element Make It Count - Vote for Noah Nayef

After three months, over two hundred skaters, six competitions, four states and two countries; Element Make It Count crowned Noah Nayef the Australian/New Zealand champ and sent him packing from Sydney to Spain for the Element Make It Count global finals in September.

Noah, 14, had one week in Barcelona to film a solo video part alongside the Element Pro team where he was the youngest finalist competing against six other regional winners from Japan, Brazil, America, Europe and South Africa.

Each finalist’s video part will be live on The Berrics for a public vote to decide the overall Element Make It Count winner who in the end will secure an Element Sponsorship. It’s a pretty big deal for skateboarding and a massive deal for Noah Nayef.

“It would mean so much for me to win, especially to get that exposure and the fact that people will start to know me. It would be crazy if I won, I'd be over the moon!

The Barcelona trip with the Element dudes was by far the most fun and exciting thing from hanging out with the pros and the team, to meeting the other finalists from around the world.

Barcelona has tons of spots which was why they flew us there to film a part. My definite favourite was MACBA because there's everything from gaps to the most perfect ledges.”

Noah’s video part is now live on The Berrics.

You pick the winner. Watch and score now.

VOTE 10 for Noah Nayef!