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The Element Eden Spring 2013 Collection is inspired by the vintage tropical prints, reminiscent of sunny days and free-spirited adventure. Palm fronds and hibiscus petal patterning fashioned into balloon pants, high-waisted shorts and fabric cut-out designs give a vintage classic youthful style. Bright hues of lime, coral and ocean keep the mood vibrant, while silky fabrications bring in a delicate nature of femininity.  
We shared the story behind our collection with Element Advocate Juliana Neufeld, to develop a series of images with her illustrations. Juliana took each shot captured by photographer Amber B Dianda, and used her artistic eye, working with the textures of the photograph, to bring to life the pieces and inspire creativity. 
Hope you enjoy the final collaborative works, and find inspiration to take a new look on how you view the world! Whether the path leads to water, mountaintops, open fields, or cityscapes, there will always be the inherent desire to embrace nature and explore. Live. Learn. Grow.