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The season is beginning to bring us those dark shadowy mornings, waking up to that beautiful crisp air that's so heavenly to breath. Soon enough we'll find ourselves hoping, wishing and wondering how on earth we can stay wrapped up in bed, even for a moment longer. We've been inspired to get crafty this week, so here at Element Eden we put together a DIY tutorial for you to create this tassel necklace. We love tassels and everything about them, they're like little exploding fireworks of joy! This adorable accessory is perfectly paired with our gorges Nina sweater!!

With a few supplies and a couple of simple steps you'll have yourself the cutest accessory for this season.

What you will need:

• Embroidery floss in various colours
• 4mm or 6mm jump rings; one for each tassel!
• Necklace chain
• Scissors
• Needle nose pliers
• square of cardboard or solid paper

1. Begin by wrapping the thread around the square of cardboard approximately 12 times, you can choose to wrap it more or less depending on how 'full' you want your tassel to look.

2. Once you've wrapped it to the thickness you desire, gently slide the floss off the cardboard and with a small piece of the same thread, tie a double knot in the middle to secure the tassel. This will create the top of the tassel.

3. Fold the tassel in half from where you tied your knot and with a piece of embroidery thread tie another knot around the tassel to secure it into place. Cut off any access thread.

4. Carefully cut the opposite of the knotted end of your tassel, releasing the looped threads.

5. Finish by giving your tassel a little 'hair cut' to even things out a bit, nobody likes a wonky tassel.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to create 4 more tassels in varying colours. When you've finished, decide your placement of the tassels along the necklace chain.

7. Once you have decided on placement, starting with the center tassel, begin to attach them to the chain using a jump ring. From there, evenly space the remaining tassels, working outwards from the center.

You now have yourself the cutest little accessory for the season! have fun, get creative and enjoy xx