DIY: Ribbon-Back Shirt by Calypso Letters Guest Bloggers!

Don’t oversized, slouchy shirts make you feel so elegant but still cozy? It’s a pretty unique combination, so we enhanced the feeling by adding delicate, girly ribbon ties to the back of our oversized Element Eden shirt. It’s a little more dressed-up (but still comfortable enough if you decide to ditch date night and snuggle up on the couch instead).

-Oversized shirt
-About five feet of your favorite colors of ribbon, cut into six-inch sections
-Needle and thread

Step 1
Flip your shirt over so that the back is facing you. Cut a straight line down the center of the back of the shirt.

Step 2
Make small pen marks about an inch from the bottom of the shirt on either side. Make two more marks every two inches until you reach the top of the shirt.

Step 3
Sew a piece of ribbon on each mark, leaving most of the ribbon hanging towards the center of the shirt.

Step 4
Tie both sides of your shirt together using the ribbon.

This shirt holds up pretty well if you use double knots, but we suggest laying it over a lacy camisole or tube-bra. You never know!

We tried it with Element’s Neo top… try it out for yourself: CLICK HERE TO SHOP