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DIY do gooders... Round one!

In response to the Advent Conspiracy here in the good ol Lake of the Ozarks, we took action by hosting a DIY craft night here at the Paint Box Cafe. We wanted to provide an opportunity for friends and family to gather together, create not only fun crafts together but memories as well. we offered 6 DIY crafts and all of them only cost 1 to 6 dollars each! We were hoping that by providing this night that people would make their gifts this year, rather than spending money and then donate the money to help someone in need. Despite some hot glue burns and needle pokes the night was a huge success! Thanks to one my favorite crafty ladies Janet Baker, she has provided some easy DIY crafts that you too can share with your friends and family.

Bleached scarf


clorox bleach pens
long strips of fabric of your choice
beads are also fun to put on the ends if you choose to do tassels

1. Take your fabric of your choice and cut it into the size and shape of your desired scarf, we found that pieces of cotton were easy to work with.

2. Take your bleach pen and doodle your little heart out on your fabric.

3. rinse in the sink after the bleach has dried and let air dry

4. now is the time to add some little embellishments if desired. I slit the ends of mine a few inches up, tied knots and added some wooden beads I had left over from an old necklace.

This scarf is such a great gift! It's fun to make and so cheap and who doesn't enjoy a stylish scarf!