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DIY Chalkboard Wall

Tis the season to start day dreamin about new college dorm rooms, new apartments or maybe even just time for spicin up your nest. Ill be tuning in with some fun DIY projects to help you along the way!

Because of my A.D.D. mind, or as my mom calls it my “creative mind”, I had a hard time deciding what I should do with my big blank walls in my new condo. Chalkboard paint was just the ticket!



Chalk board paint, you can find this at Home Depot for a great price

Chalk, I am so stoked on this new discovery. Its called soap stone chalk, you can find it at crate and barrel

How to:

  1. When painting your wall with the chalk board paint, make sure the wall is clean of all dirt and dust
  2. Paint on first coat
  3. Wait at least one day before painting next coat, I would do at least 2
  4. Draw and doodle your little heart out!