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A few things to note:

-With Element Eden Advocates Amy PurdyAmber B and Brooke Reidt all together... you can bet sparks of creativity were flying and new ideas are at growth!

-Fringe is about to take over

-We LOVED Brooke Reidt's collab piece with Jesse Fulton and couldn't keep our eyes off of the bold patterns and texture behind Advocate Juliana Neufeld's illustration!

-Edward Sharpe puts on the best show we've seen in a hot minute!!

-Cafe 101, inventor of the brownie waffle sundae... need we say more?

-$120,000+ money raised for VH1 Save the Music Foundation... well done Billabong!

Amber BBrooke ReidtAmy Purdy

Brooke Reidt

Juliana Neufeld

Edward Sharpe