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Delightful gift ideas

Delightful gift ideas

In preparation for the Element Eden Autumn 16 Range Release in Melbourne, the Eden team decided to put their DIY minds to work and create some simple and effortless delightful treat gifts for the Eden sales force.

The best thing about creating gifts with treats is having the opportunity to TRY out all the treats - of course! Mmmmmm!!

See below for some quick tips to creating your own delightful treat gifts for friends, family or fellow staff members:

First bombard the nearest arts & craft store and find the perfect treat size plastic see-through bags - large enough for a handful of treats.

Second visit your local health food store and stock up on all your favourite goodies. The yogurt covered pretzels, choc malt balls and dry strawberry trail mix were our pick. More treat colours the better for a vibrant mix.

Third create your own header card and print your unique design on a nice thick piece of matt paper ideally something you can fold easily. Vintage inspired florals are always a lovely touch.

Fourth start building your treat bags! Two for you, one for me, two for you, one for me ;)

Fifth grab a handful of each treat and fill the plastic bag, then fold your header card over the bag opening and fold it shut! Staple to finish - VOILA!

You can now make someones day by sharing your own home made delightful gifts. Enjoy!

Whats your favourite DIY gift idea? Share and comment below.

We are always looking for new gift ideas to make someone smile :)