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Defining Wildflower

Defining Wildflower

Eden has collaborated with Wildflower Cases for the past two seasons and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce their Holiday Collection for Element Eden. The faces of Wildflower Devon and Sydney Carlson are sisters, entrepreneurs, Instagram stars and fashionistas with a sense of humor. We recently caught up with the two between work and studies to hear the latest from this fun-loving pair.

How did Wildflower Cases come about?

Our amazing mom, Michelle, had been searching all over for the perfect phone case for Sydney and me and could not find anything after looking everywhere - so she decided to try and make her own! She gave them to us for Easter and we were immediately OBSESSED. Soon all of our friends were asking for them. Then one day our family was eating at a local restaurant and my sister and I went to the bathroom...and ended up meeting Miley Cyrus! She saw my phone case and FREAKED out. She wanted to know where I got it - when I told her my mom made it she asked to meet her immediately. Once we returned to the table Miley asked my mom if we had a website because she needed one of her cases. When we said we didn't have one she insisted we make one! We gave Miley 2 cases, which she immediately tweeted and tagged me. (I was the happiest girl on the planet!) My dad went home and stayed up all night making a website and then we just started replying to people’s tweets telling them to check out! It literally happened over night through social media.

We hear that every single collection that you have done with Eden has sold out. Why do you think that is?

I think that the partnership has been really successful because we go way back with Element Eden and they feel like family. Our products are really complimentary with their brand and consumers and so it is a perfect fit and we think Eden and Wildflower fans have really responded to that. We design things that we like to wear and like to have fun with our designs, especially with our prints. We like to experiment!

We also have a lot of fun on social media. Our favorite things to post are #OOTD’s which usually include pieces from our collection. It shows girls different ways to style and wear the clothes and we love to get feedback because we really treat our followers like they’re our friends!

How have you designed the previous capsules? What did you learn from creating that collection that you incorporated into your Holiday 2014 collection?

We usually land on our inspiration for the line and then make like a giant collage of photos or designs we feel fits the collection or theme. From there, we’ll find like certain classic pieces and make it our own by adding that "Wildflower element" to the clothes. We really like adding a fun 'lil twist to our clothes and putting things together that you wouldn’t normally.

What was your inspiration for this line? Why did you choose that to be your inspiration?

Our inspiration is a sassy new age school girl. We like the classic plaid for winter, but we incorporated a floral to add that Wildflower contrast. We want everyone to feel cozy and cute.

Why design the pieces you have?

We feel like they’re perfect for the Eden girl! The pieces allow you to be cute and trendy while gearing up for the holidays.

Out of this whole collection, which would you say is your favorite piece?

D: Mine is probably the varsity jacket. I feel like you can throw it on top of any outfit and it adds a cool twist to it.

S: The plaid skirt is mine!! I love wearing it with either high socks, sweaters or crop tops. I feel like it’s my go to-skirt this season.


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