Creativity: a Blessing or a Curse? by Guest Blogger Asha K

We can never predict anything in life, apart from death (sounds morbid, but it’s a fact!). So take each moment as a gift and use it wisely. I think it is easy by the world’s standard to equate creativity with success, fame, fortune and notoriety. When really, creativity should be about embracing who you are, living your life, treating others how you want to be treated, encouraging individual talents, not fearing what any outcome might be, and most importantly, knowing how to dust yourself off and start again when the situation calls for it. Our attitude during this journey is what makes the difference.

Do we look at creativity as a curse because we are struggling artists who have to waitress to make the rent and drive a beat up Toyota rather than swanning along to movie premieres, MTV award shows, and other fancy events?
Or do we look at creativity as a blessing because God made us the way we are and there is NO ONE else on earth that is the same?

Live in freedom to choose whatever you want to do with your creativity in life! But like the Element series, remember to ‘Make It Count’ while you have the chance.

In closing for my first post, I want to leave you with a 30 second clip from one of my favorite movies, Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous”… I have a passion for music, and this scene sums it up nicely!

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Until tomorrow, today is a gift, let’s use it wisely!

Peace out

Asha K.

Element Eden Advocate since 2007