Broad Street Beginnings

Element Advocate and Rural Revolution founder, Kendra Jones Morris, has no shortage of accomplishments. She is an anthropologist and artist, filmmaker and humanitarian.

By connecting female artists in developing nations with their always-evolving team of sales ambassadors in the United States, Rural Revolution has been able to convey each individual woman’s story through personal, yet effective sales models. Rural Rev does this by combining the passions of fashion, artisan-ship, and self-expression, creating employment for a lifetime!!

All profits from the jewelry sales create more sustainable opportunities for local economies and cultures around the world… and if that doesn’t get your attention, the beautiful pieces created will!  All hand crafted into unique design pieces that provide a story to tell!

Kendra’s most recent project is “Broad Street Beginnings,” an entrepreneurship program that will empower women locally with tools that they need to create and operate their own sustainable businesses. A two week workshop becomes a lifetime of employment for high-needs women in New Orleans.

Shockingly, in 2009, of females aged 18-24 years old in New Orleans, 39 percent were living below the poverty level. This program will help these well-deserved women break free of this ever-going cycle of poverty!

Rural Revolution teach these ladies how to create handmade, colorful threaded bracelets, and grow that knowledge into a full understanding of how to create a sustainable business model through brand development, portfolio production, sales skills, and management. These skills will help them eventually market, sell, and distribute their bracelets!

To execute Broad Street Beginnings, Rural Revolution needs to raise $3000… we’d love some extra help in spreading the word!

Find out more information here and join us!

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