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Brian Gaberman: The Road To Wolfeboro

Element proudly introduces "The Road to Wolfeboro”: a documentary of a 10 day journey from New York to Wolfeboro with Element Advocate Brian Gaberman. Brian pushes his outstanding photography to the next level by using hand made, Pre-Civil-War style glass plate negatives. This method is considered to be obsolete by most due to its laborious process, however we find beauty in their imperfections.

Brian innovated his own way to personally cut and hand coat his glass plates. Dry plates existed back in the early days of photography (as in "before film existed") but they were made in factories with machines, much like film afterwards. When Brian started shooting on glass plate negatives, they had long since ceased production on an industrial level, so he learned to make, and coat his own. These dry glass plate negatives are easily transported, and can print photos at any size.

Brian will be the last to toot his own horn, but at the time he began his interest in this field of photography he couldn't find any info on it, and had to figure things out himself; in effect creating his own style of Dry Glass plate negative.

"The beauty in these glass negatives is in their weaknesses, its in their flaws. They're just like us humans, every one of us is unique, and ever plate that I make is totally unique." -Brian Gaberman