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Breathe, bend, blossom. Welcome to Spring!

Breathe, bend, blossom. Welcome to Spring!

The Element Eden girl is diverse and complex. She lives with sunshine in her heart and with a sparkle in her eye.

Always thoughtful and creative, open to try new things & join her friends on adventures.

This spring is the perfect time to set new intentions and try on a new look.

Our new Yogi collection for July is focused on the lifestyle of yoga and takes you from the studio to the street with Yin Yang icons, soft jersey dresses and stripes playing with light and dark.

The practice of yoga is a personal journey to stretch your limbs and find a quiet peaceful moment to connect with your pure inner self.

A moment in time to thank your body for it’s ability to move and let you live a full life.

Kate Dalton, our beautiful muse for spring admires the practice of yoga and embodies the breathe, bend and blossom mentality each morning before she begins her day.

Founder of herbal tea sensation Mayde Tea, Kate lives for her passion to create homemade organic tea that nourishes the body with the best of natures nutrients and herbal elements. She has studied naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine.

Residing in Byron Bay, Kate represents everything we love for the spring season. She loves improving her mind, body and soul.

Welcome to Spring!