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New Element Women's - It’s The Real Thing!

Welcome to the New Element Women's. This is it, it’s the real thing!

Element Women's was born from skate culture, the arts and nature.

This new April Collection was created to compliment the Element men's brand and offer women who are associated with the brand and skateboarding, a more feminine feel clothing appeal.

Element Women's encourages all and more girls to get out there, skate and have fun; creating a confidence in them that anyone can pick up a skateboard, go for a cruise and look steezy while doing it!

We believe in freedom of expression and finding your own unique path. Element Women’s will always inspire girls to skate, along with sharing an appreciation and involvement in the arts and nature.

With a positive spin on skateboarding, we inspire our girl to have her own style, genuine and creative, with an independent streak and love for adventure.