Asha Dahya talks `Grow On Your Own Journey'

Asha Dahya talks `Grow On Your Own Journey'

Words by Element Eden Advocate and Girl Talk HQ Editor-in-Chief ASHA DAHYA :)

Hello Eden-ites! Asha Dahya, Element Eden Advocate here to share my thoughts on this month’s theme of Grow on your own journey.

I was very excited to write this entry, because there is something about the end of the year that makes it a great time to reflect, set new goals, intentions, and find the best way forward into the new year.

I will be honest and say straight up that I have never made a New Years Resolution. To me, I’ve just never thought of it as something genuine in my life. It has been more of a social fad that we feel obligated to join, without any actual meaning behind it.

When I think of the words “journey” and “grow” the immediate thing that comes to mind is continuity. The momentum of moving forward. Progression. Being driven. Now THAT is something I can get behind!

The thing about new years resolutions is that they are supposedly designed to help make us “better” people as we go forward with our lives over the next 12 months. But resolving not to eat as many red velvet cupcakes, or attend more yoga classes on the regs isn’t necessarily something that resonates with us deep down.

Over the past few years, going through a divorce, living in a country far away from my family and trying to find regular work, I have found less and less admiration for the superficial “surface” resolutions and have been more attracted to the stuff that deeply moves my soul in a forward momentum.

What has helped me grow on my own journey has been stripping away what I thought was important, and devoting my time to what truly is. Finding regular inspiration has been a huge aspect of helping me on my journey. Starting my blog GirlTalkHQ.com, tapping into a network of incredible female filmmakers and media women here in LA, and reassessing my career and life goals has been so powerful.

I’ve also found that when I allow myself time to stop and appreciate the small things, my life feels far more full and I can move forward with ease, rather than forcing myself to stick to some unrealistic goals.

I just watched Melbourne-based tattoo artist Annita Maslov’s video on the Element Eden website where she shared the things that inspire her. She talks about seeing flowers on her daily walk, listening to a song, or a book she is reading, that enriches her life and inspires her on a daily basis.

It sounds so basic or cheesy, but if we find daily doses of inspiration, along with trying to implement the bigger changes, I guarantee our journey of growth will be so much more meaningful and deeper than any new years day list we make to please society.

As 2015 comes to a close, my wish is for all of us to find inspiration in the world around us, to find meaningful ways to continue our forward momentum in life, and to take on 2016 with a heart that is open to the journey.

Asha Dahya