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Amy Purdy's Journey on DWTS!

A few of our favorite snaps from Element Advocate Amy Purdy's journey on Dancing with the Stars!  Amy continues to blow us away with each episode... girl's got moves!!

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"I feel like I have [a] dream partner not because it's Derek Hough and because everyone's, like, 'Oh he's so hot, an Emmy-winning choreographer.'... I think because of how well we connect and how much we think alike, that's what makes it such a dream partnership."

"One of my favorite parts of this whole experience! We start hair and makeup at 6:30 am."

"I'm really motivated by music, and I love dancing even if it's just by myself in my room or if it's going out with my friends. So I felt like I already have a passion to do this — if I can ballroom dance, I don't quite know yet. But I at least know I have the drive to do it, so that helps."

"Thinking I need to sneak into wardrobe & steal this dress!"