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A Day In The Life of Wildflower

A Day In The Life of Wildflower

Looking into the lives of our fashion setting sisters Devon and Sydney, aka Sister Syd, and seeing what it’s like to live a day in the life of Wildflower.

Yes, we all know that Dev and Syd are busy being the faces of Wildflower cases, making their own trends, staying on everyones instagram and twitter stream and making time for family, but what is it that these ladies do on a daily bases to keep their company and lives running as smoothly as possible? Lets take a look...

Dev starts her beautiful day off by eating a yummy breakfast, drinking coffee, snuggling up with their perfect pup Charlie, and looking up some morning inspiration on tumblr.

Next, they usually head over to the office and start packing up orders, replying to emails and developing their next best cases…always staying busy and ahead of the game.

Every day the girls take photos for their instagram and just because, what girl doesn’t like taking pictures when they look as cute as Dev does! (@wildflowercases) Dev is currently Queen of mirror pics.

Syd uses Devon's bed to take photos for Wildflower because the white fluffy comforter is the PERFECT background for their more "tumblr inspired" photos.

Quick selfie before sushi!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day! Xxo, Wildflower and Element Eden