A day in the life of Amber - Element Eden Design Manager

A day in the life of Amber - Element Eden Design Manager

We thought it was about time we shared with you the creative mind behind the Element Eden Australia brand.

Introducing a day in the life of Amber Lee-Bernstein, Design Manager for Element Eden. We are so fortunate to have someone on our team so talented, creative and full of beauty in and out.

Amber tell us a little about your role as head designer for Element Eden?

I have been designing the garment and accessory collections for Element Eden for the last six years. It is the type of creative job that is always changing and inspiring as the fashion trends move and the market place evolves. I love it!! & I get to come and work with a great team that put their heart into what we do to bring this brand to life.

What do you love about the brand and bringing it to life?

Element Eden is founded on creativity and thoughtfulness – it is a global company with skateboarding and the respect of nature at its roots. The philosophy behind the womens line is to inspire girls to follow their own path and find a different perspective from the old standard – to be genuine, creative and passionate. We work with girls in our community to foster a girl gang that share and inspire each other whether it be through fashion, art, design, health & adventure. At the office we live what we believe and can be found creating, exercising and drinking tea inside and outside of the working week.

How do you develop inspiration for each seasons collection?

Travel, vintage finds, social media, art – inspiration is all around.

How has this role taken you to places all around the world?

I have been lucky enough to travel through many countries and experience vibrant cities for research. New York, LA, Tokyo, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Paris. The time to travel and research is what breaks up the collections and allows you to step away from the computer and get involved in the global marketplace. Travel is one of the best parts of the job – I come home inspired and ready to design!!

What type of advice can you recommend to aspiring young designers wanting to get into fashion?

I didn’t actually study fashion, but I did a degree in Industrial Design and was just always interested in fashion & art. My advice would be to talk to people, learn from them and start creating!!

Tell us what your favourite tea is?

At 3pm MINT-CACO tea from MAYDE TEA is my favourite to try curb the sweet treat cravings.

What is your morning ritual?

Sometimes its beach yoga and sometimes its a battle to leave the sheets, but its always a coffee and emails to start the day and a scroll through Pinterest.

What is your favourite Element Eden outfit?

I am a girl and as such I love to dress up & buy clothes for myself with a destination in mind – whether it be a holiday or going to see a band on the weekend. As such my favourite outfit from the latest collection is “Island dreaming cami, Belle denim shorts, the Aladin carpet bag & Encore denim jean jacket” - I feel a Byron Bay weekend is on the horizon

Is there anyone you look up to for guidance in your creative space?

I used to work as a window dresser & I studied design in Uni so I guess I have always loved creating a beautiful space to work in. It can set the mood for the season and my work space and house are filled with little trinkets. My boyfriend has likened me to a bower bid and told me to stop collecting sticks ;)

What music do you listen to?

Depending on the mood; The Internet, Banks, Foals, Major Lazer, Matt Corby – the list goes on and is ever changing.

What are your hobbies?

I love to try new things – this year I have done Latin dance classes, pottery, yoga workshops & read a whole stack of autobiographies.